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Global Sant'e, Health Care Tourism Company Pvt Ltd Based in Bangalore

About Global Hospital

Global Hospitals Group, India’s most renowned healthcare services provider offering better care, cutting-edge research and advanced education to caregivers, is one of the country’s fast growing chains of Multi Super Specialty Tertiary Care Hospitals offering healthcare services of international standards. Multi Super Specialty Tertiary Care facility spread across Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai, Global Hospitals is a pioneer in Multi-Organ Transplants including kidneys, liver, heart and lung. The Group offers most advanced clinical services across several disciplines such as Gastroenterology, Hepatobiliary & Liver, Cardiac Sciences, Neurosciences, Orthopaedics & Joint Replacements, Organ Specific Cancer Care, Urology & Nephrology, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Minimal Access & Bariatric Surgery, Critical Care & Pulmonology, Trauma & Emergency Care, ENT, Transfusion Medicine and other support specialties accessible to all the segments of the society with utmost care and compassion. Global Hospitals Group is committed to providing world-class tertiary healthcare to people in India and abroad by fusing the benefits of modern technology with the clinical acumen of the leading specialists in their respective fields.

With a vision to be a world-class healthcare provider turning distant possibilities into realities, Global Hospitals utilizes a strong combination of clinical expertise, advanced technology, world-class infrastructure and facilities is to deliver high quality medical services of international standards. Having collaborations with several leading Indian and internationally reputed academic institutions, the Group offers a wide array of academic programmes for both medical and non-medical professionals. Recognized by the government bodies for research, the Group has made significant strides in advanced medical research programmes including Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Programmes.

Key Highlights

  • NABH - National Accreditation Board for Hospital and Healthcare Providers Accreditation, India.
  • NABL - National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories Accreditation, India.
  • HALAL - Global Hospitals is certified by the Halal Development Corporation.
  • First Hospital in South Asia to perform the Nucleus Replacement in Spine.
  • First Hospital in South Asia to perform Pediatric Auxiliary Liver Transplant.
  • First Pediatric Auxiliary Liver Transplant in Asia.
  • First Successful Split & Auxiliary Liver Transplant Surgery in India.
  • First Successful Combined Heart & Kidney Transplant Surgery.
  • First Successful Minimal Access Lung Transplant in India.
  • First Swap Liver Transplant on adults in India.
  • No.of Beds - 2000


Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine
Bariatric Surgery
Breast Oncology
Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgery

Critical Care
Emergency Medicine & Trauma

General Medicine
Heart Transplantation
HPB & Liver Surgery
Interventional Radiology

Kidney Transplantation
Laboratory Medicine
Liver Transplantation
Lung Transplantation
Maxillofacial surgery
Medical Gastroenterology

Medical Oncology
Minimal Invasive Surgery
Multi-Organ Transplantation


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Dr. K. Ilankumaran

MBBS.,DA.,FRCA (UK) Anaesthesiology

Dr. Subhash Agal

MD,DNB, MNAMS, Anaesthesiology

Dr. R. Madhan Kumar

MBBS.,M.D (Anaesthesiology, Critical Care, Pain Medicine), Anaesthesiology

Dr. Nanda Kishore Senathi

MD, Anaesthesiology

Dr. Akila Rajkumar

MBBS,DM,FRCA, Anaesthesiology

Dr. G.K. Rathnavel

MBBS, MD, FRCA, EDRA, Anaesthesiology

Dr. K. Srikanth

MBBS, MD(Anesthesiology)

Dr. H. A. Subramanian

MBBS, MD (Anesthesiology)

Dr. Kuntraj Dung Dung

MBBS, MD (Anesthesiology)

Dr. Selvakumar. M

MBBS, MD, DNB (Anesthesiology)

Dr. Sumana Premkumar

M.B.,B.S., D.M.R.T, M.D. (Radiotherapy)

Dr. V. Sreenivasan

MBBS, PG Dip, DNB(Associate Consultant Critical Medicine Specialist)

Dr. V. P. Rajavel

MD (Anesthesiology)., DM (Critical Care Medicine)

Dr. K.Vijil Rahulan

AB(Critical Care).,AB(Pulmonary Med.).,AB (Int.Med.).,FACP.,FCCP(USA)

Dr. K.R. Rammohan

Consultant - Accident Emergency & Trauma(MBBS, MD (A& E), FEM)

Dr. K. Meena

Associate Consultant - Accident, Emergency & Trauma Care(MBBS , Fellowship, Emergency Medicine)

Dr. Sampath Kumar Mani

Consultant Internal Medicine Specialist(MBBS, MD, General Medicine)

Dr. Gnanesh Kotra

Consultant Preventive Medicine Specialist(MBBS , DNB, Family Medicine)

Dr. Subramanian Swaminathan

Consultant(MD, DNB, MNAMS, American Board (Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases))

Dr.Madhu Bashini.M

Senior Consultant ( MD(Gen Medicine),PG.Dip in Diab, D.AA)

Dr. K. Baraneedharan

Consultant - Internal Medicine & Diabetology(M.B.B.S., M.D.)

Dr. Joy Varghese

Senior Consultant(MBBS, MD (Internal Medicine), DM (Medical Gastroenterology), Fellowship in Liver Transplantation(Germany))

Dr. Dineshkumar Jothi Mani

Senior Consultant(MBBS, MRCP (U.K), CCT (Hepatology, Gastroenterology & General Medicine))

Dr. K. N. Chandan Kumar

Consultant - Hepatology(M.B.B.S, M.D (General Medicine), D.M Hepatology )

Dr. V. Chandrasekar

Nephrology, Kidney Transplantation( MD, DM, DNB.)

Dr. Gomathy Narashimhan

Kidney Transplantation, Liver Transplantation(MS.,ASTS Fellowship (USA))

Dr. Kabilan. S

Kidney Transplantation, Urology(MBBS, M.S, General Surgery, M. Ch, Urology )

Dr. Rahul Chandola

Heart Transplantation, Lung Transplantation(MBBS, MS, Gen. Surgery, M. Ch, CTVS)

Dr. Govini Balasubramani

Heart Transplantation, Lung Transplantation ,Senior Consultant Cardiothoracic and Heart & Lung Transplant Surgeon(MBBS, MS (Gen. Surgery), M.Ch (Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgery))

Dr. Deenadayalan

Medical Oncology, Consultant - Paediatric Haemato Oncology(MBBS,DCH ,DNB, Paediatric surgery, FNB, Paediatric Haemato-Oncology,MNAMS )

Dr. K. R. Gopi

Medical Oncology, Consultant Medical Oncologist(MBBS, MD, Gen. Medicine, MRCP, DNB, Medical Oncology, Specialty Certificate in Medical Oncology, European Society Certificate in Medical Oncology)

Dr. Bellarmine Vincent Lawrence

Medical Oncology, Senior Consultant( MD.,FACP.,(USA), Medical Oncology)

Dr. V. Chandrasekar

Nephrology, Kidney Transplantation, Senior Consultant(MD, DM, DNB)

Dr. Clement Joseph

Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine, Senior Consultant(M.S. Ortho, F.A.E ( Germany))

Dr. B. Nagamony

Senior Consultant Interventional cardiologis(MBBS, DNB, General Medicine, DNB, Cardiology, MRCP, MRCP, FRCP

Dr. V. Narendra Kumar

Consultant Cardiologist(MBBS, MD, Paediatrics, DM, Cardiology)

Dr. Arun Dhanasekaran

Senior Consultant Interventional Cardiologist (MBBS, MRCP, Interventional Fellowship, CCT (Cardiology))

Dr. Susan George

Senior Consultant Cardiology, MD.,DNB (Cardiology)

Dr. P. Gobu

Consultant Cardiology(MBBS, MD, Gen. Medicine, DM, Cardio)

Dr. Abhilash Bhaskaran

Maxillofacial surgery, Dentistry(BDS, MDS, FFD RCS(IRE), MFDS RCS(ENG))

Dr. Tariq Aslam


Dr. Sruti Chandrasekaran

Endocrinology Consultant, (AB ( Internal Medicine), AB ( Endocrinology, Diabetology and Metabolism), CCD ( Certified Clinical Densitometrist))

Dr. S. Sharada

Consultant Obs & Gynaecologist(MBBS,MD, Obs & Gynaec)

Dr. S. Meenakshi

Consultant Obs & Gynaecologist(MBBS, MS, Obs & Gynaec)

Dr.Sura Pushpalatha

Sr. Consultant, Obstetrics, Gynecology(MBBS, DGO, DNB)

Dr. Swati Kapadia

Visiting Consultant, Obstetrics, Gynecology(MBBS, DGO, DRM)

Prof Dr. Mohamed Rela

Head & Chief Surgeon - HPB & Liver Transplant Surgery,(M.B.B.S, MS, FRCS)

Dr. Mettu Srinivas Reddy

Senior Consultant, Liver Transplantation, HPB & Liver Surgery, MBBS, MS(Surgery), DNB, FRCS(Edin), PhD(UK)

Dr. Sanjay Govil

Senior Consultant, Liver Transplantation, HPB & Liver Surgery(MBBS, MS, General Surgery, FRCS)

Dr. Anand Bharathan

Consultant HPB & Liver Transplant(MBBS, MS, DNB)

Dr. Rajesh R

Consultant HPB & Liver Transplant (MBBS, MS, General Surgery, MCh, GI Surgery)

Dr. P. Kumar

Consultant, HPB & Liver Surgery, Liver Transplantation(D.N.B( G.I.Surgery), Fellowship(HPB & Liver Transplantation Surgery))

Dr. Gomathy Narashimhan

Senior Consultant, Kidney Transplantation, Liver Transplantation( MS.,ASTS Fellowship (USA))

Dr. K. Venugopal

Senior Consultant HPB & Liver Transplant Surgeon(MBBS, MS, FRCS (Edin), FIAGES)

Dr. Muthu Ramaswamy

Senior Consultant, Laboratory Medicine(Ph.D,FACB.)

Dr. Balajee

HOD & Senior Consultant, Laboratory Medicine(MBBS, MD (MICRO), DIH, MBA (HM))

Dr. Mukul Vij

Consultant, Laboratory Medicine(MBBS, MD (Pathology), PDCC (Renal and transplant pathology))

Dr. Abhilash Bhaskaran

Consultant, Maxillofacial surgery, Dentistry(BDS, MDS, FFD RCS(IRE), MFDS RCS(ENG))

Dr. M.M. Yusuf

Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon (Minimally Invasive), (MBBS, FRCS, FRCS, C. Th.)

Dr. Vaithiswaran. V

HOD And Senior Consultant,Bariatric Surgery, Minimal Invasive Surgery(MBBS, M.S., MRCS (GLASGOW), FAIS, FMAS)

Dr. Halprashanth D.S.

Consultant Neurology (MBBS, MD(Internal Medicine), DM(Neurology))

Dr. V. Murugan

Consultant Neurology (M.D (Paed), MRCPCH (UK), CCT-UK (Paed. Neurology))

Dr. Rahul Chandola

Senior Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgery (MBBS, MS, Gen. Surgery, M. Ch, CTVS (2005))


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Corprate Address

Global Sant'e

  Esteem Splendor Apartments, 2nd Floor,
C-6, Opposite Adogodi Police Station,
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